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PlayStation and Xbox Twitch accounts compromised, offensive highlights posted

The Twitch profiles for PlayStation, Xbox and the eSports League (ESL) were compromised by a third party today who posted offensive language and other unauthorized messages to each channel's profile.

Highlights from previous Twitch broadcasts were posted to the PlayStation, Xbox and ESL channels with altered titles and descriptions. The messages ranged from jabs at Microsoft and Sony over the recent announcement that Square Enix's Rise of the Tomb Raider was a timed Xbox exclusive ("Sorry guys but they rose the money bags," "sorry bout tomb raider bb") to fake game announcements for Fallout and Gears of War. Other messages contained racist and homophobic slurs.

A Twitch representative told Polygon that the company believes the accounts were compromised at Gamescom, where each company is in attendance, by someone who gained access to logged-in computers at the venue.

"We're deleting the offensive VODs as soon as we find them and are alerting individual teams at the venue," a Twitch rep said in an email.

It appears that the scrubbing of highlights and previous broadcasts has been extensive, at least on the Xbox and PlayStation accounts. Neither channel is showing archived videos currently.

A Twitch representative explained, "As a precautionary measure, we temporarily removed highlights and past broadcasts for those channels since it's in the early hours of the morning in Cologne."

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