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Tetris wizarding game comes to PS Vita

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99 Bricks Wizard Academy, which hit iOS in June, is coming to the PlayStation Vita, developer WeirdBeard Games announced today.

In the game, players have to stack falling tetromino bricks onto the roof of their house to build a wizard tower. It sounds an awful lot like Tetris, but there are a couple of twists. The surface you're building on isn't always flat and thanks to the game's physics, pieces don't always fit tightly together. You also can learn spells to do things like disintegrate the last piece you placed.

It's a fun iOS game and the developers say they've been working hard at making sure that fun translates to a twin-stick portable console that has a horizontal, not portrait, orientation. No word on price or timing yet.

You can see a pic of the end of a level I played from the iOS version of the game below.