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Now you can share a Coke with a League of Legends character

Thanks to League of Legends' enduring popularity and developer Riot Games' partnership with Coca-Cola, champions from the game are now appearing on packaging for Coke products in Korea.

Marc Merrill, president and co-founder of Riot Games, tweeted the above photo today. As you can see, the image features three bottles of Coke adorned with the League characters Annie, Vi and Braum. Merrill also posted a second photo of a Coke can featuring Lux; you can check it out below.

We've reached out to Riot to ask whether League champions are appearing on Coke beverages only in Korea, and will update this article with any information we receive. For more on League, check out our piece from Gamescom about how Riot is helping professional players who age out of competitive play.

League of Legends on Coke 02 768


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