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Three Fourths Home is all about driving, family bonds

Three Fourths Home, a new, short title from [bracket]games has simple gameplay, but a commitment to its theme and a story that hit me right there.

In it, you play as Kelly, a young woman who has just moved back in with her family in small-town Nebraska after college, and after an accident has rocked her family's stability. The whole game takes place during a stormy drive home.

As you can see in the gameplay footage, there are only really two operations in Three Fourths Home. You can drive — accomplished with the right arrow key — and select dialogue options.

It's a playable short story, one that feels real and personal. It touches on universal themes — being a young person struggling to strike out as an individual, the power of family bonds and dealing with the ills of the modern economy.

Three Fourths Home is available now on

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