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Fan-made Metal Gear remake shuts down; Snake's voice had been involved

Reports say a fan-made remake of the original Metal Gear has been called off, and this trailer for the project suggests David Hayter, the original voice of Snake, had been participating in its development.

Ian Ratcliffe of The Outer Heaven development team, told Metal Gear Informer that the project had been shut down in light of an inability to reach an agreement with Konami. The mod's listing on also says it has ceased development.

When the remake came to light in June, Konami was said to have given its blessing under a non-commercial license, meaning they don't make any money from the project nor accept donations for its development.

"Unfortunately we can no longer go ahead with the project, it seems like the guys over at Konami couldn't agree on a decision so had no choice but to shut us down," Ratcliffe told Metal Gear Informer, while also thanking Konami for its initial support of the remake.

Polygon has reached out to Konami for additional comment.

In June, Ratcliffe said the project was inteded to be "a full remake of the original game, new script, new models, the works." A new soundtrack was also envisioned.

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