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Shadowgate is back, will still kill you repeatedly

Even if you've already thoroughly explored the living castle Shadowgate in its past incarnations, Zojoi's upcoming remake is still going to find ways to destroy you.

The original MacVenture title, which was ported from PC to NES to Game Boy Color to countless other platforms, was fairly inaccessible, even by adventure games' standards. Shadowgate's modern remake, which launches this Thursday on Steam, doesn't pull any of those original punches. In fact, it layers on entirely new punches, in the form of multiple difficulty settings, new puzzles, new rooms, new spells and dozens of new ways to die. It might look familiar, but even diehard fans of the original (like myself) aren't in for a cakewalk.

For more on how Shadowgate has changed, check out the Overview above, in which Russ and I throw caution to the wind on numerous occasions, and spend some quality time with the Grim Reaper.

The author of this article was a backer for the Shadowgate Kickstarter campaign, at the $60 pledge level. This backing took place before Polygon’s ethics policy regarding Kickstarter was updated. You can read our ethics policy here.

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