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John Carmack's 9-year-old son just released his first video game

The next generation of Carmacks are now making video games. Ryan Carmack, son of id Software co-founder and Oculus VR chief technology officer John Carmack, released his first game today, a Pong-style game called Angry Face.

The 9-year-old game developer explains the inspiration for his game succinctly on Angry Face's website, saying, "I enjoy video games a lot so I made one." The younger Carmack developed the game in Unity in C# — with a little programming help from the elder Carmack — and tapped his 4-year-old brother for sound design and testing.

Former director of business development at id Software (and Ryan's mother) Katherine Anna Kang contributed art to the game. Angry Face can be played on the web with the Unity 3D player — just don't expect to find any demons, railguns or gibs.

"This is the very first game that I've created and I want to make more in the future," Ryan Carmack said. "I hope I get a good response and that everyone likes it."

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