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Cards Against Humanity creator's new game is Slap .45

The next game from Gnarwhal Studios, which includes Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin, is a card-based "Wild West slap duel" game called Slap .45 currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign describes Slap .45 as "a simple slap game that captures the feeling of a classic Western shootout. Players chose their own gang with a special power and play to outwit — and outslap — the competition. According to the Kickstarter campaign, Slap .45 has been a work-in-progress for about a year.

The full game includes 67 shootout cards, 43 mini gang cards for seven gangs, seven gang home bases, a custom box and the rule set. Gnarwhal Studios is hoping to raise $18,850 by Sept. 17, which will allow its creators to print 1,000 copies.

The campaign has only one backer goal at the $35 level, which includes a copy of the game shipped "to your doorstep" in April 2015. At the time of this post, more than $7,000 has been raised.

For more on Slap .45, check out the Kickstarter pitch below.

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