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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare discusses its multiplayer on Xbox Live from Gamescom

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has already covered the story behind its singleplayer campaign. Now it's time for the real reason so many people buy it: The multiplayer, which developing studio Sledgehammer Games will discuss on Xbox Live from Gamescom in 10 days.

A special multiplayer reveal will be broadcast from Germany at the super-convenient time of 1 p.m. ET (which is 7 p.m. local time there) on Aug. 11, according to Xbox Live's community managers. The broadcast also will feature interviews with Sledgehammer staff and a premiere of the game's multiplayer trailer.

To catch up on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's singleplayer offerings, here's the trailer establishing the story behind the campaign. Kevin Spacey figures prominently in it.

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