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Wii U game pre-orders see the largest increase during Gamescom, says Amazon UK

Amazon U.K. pre-orders of Nintendo Wii U games experienced the largest percentage increase during this year's Gamescom conference, MCV reports.

According to the publication, Wii U game pre-orders rose by 8.67 percent during the European convention. Comparatively, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game pre-orders rose by 5.16 percent and 2.81 percent, respectively.

The biggest game pre-order spike came from developer Slightly Mad Studios' Project Cars which rose by 42.53 percent, followed by developer Crystal Dynamics' Rise of the Tomb Raider, which saw an increase of 30.25 percent. You can view the list of the 10 games whose pre-orders increased most below.

Interestingly, Nintendo was the only platform holder not to hold a press conference during the event, while Rise of the Tomb Raider experienced backlash following the reveal it would be exclusive to Xbox consoles for a time.


Update: A previous version of this article's headline could have been interpreted to mean that Wii U console pre-orders increased, rather than game pre-orders. We've updated the headline to better convey this information.

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