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Netflix shows off experimental virtual reality interface

Netflix engineers are given the occasional hack day to see what they can put together for the service, and one video released shows an experimental way of browsing and viewing Netflix content through the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, along with what looks like a Leap Motion sensor for gestures.

It's an interesting use of the technology, especially since it opens many interesting doors for how content can be arranged and shown to the user. Imagine a sort of virtual structure where every hallway was a themed genre, so you can walk down the horror hallway to pick a scary movie to watch, or go to the action corridor to suffer through the latest Transformers film.

There could even be custom rooms filled with recommendations for each family member, so you can walk into your child's virtual room to see what they've been watching or what content Netflix suggests they may enjoy.

It could also be we're getting a tiny bit ahead of ourselves, as the current interface shown in the video allows the viewer to browse in a sort of open 3D space and to watch the content they select. This is the first step in what could be a very interesting way to view movies and television shows.

It's unlikely anything of this sort will be put into full production before a retail virtual reality solution is released and sells well, but it's a tiny look into what may be possible in the future.

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