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Fortnite 'director's commentary' video explains what we were watching a month ago

Last month, Epic Games released about a four-minute clip of gameplay for Fortnite, its upcoming free-to-play game that combines elements of crafting, shooter and role-playing games. Now they're thinking it might have been a good idea to provide some director's commentary so people know a little more about what they're looking at.

Thus they've put up this video, which is about 10 minutes longer, featuring systems designer Cameron Winston and community manager K.L. Smith going over the "Defend the Fort" trailer in greater detail. This includes a breakdown of the classes, how resources are harvested and used, where traps and defenses are best placed and the capabilities of enemies.

It's a video companion to Polygon's own preview of the game from early July. Fortnite has been accepting signups for its alpha and while it has not announced any beta or full release dates yet, Epic has plans to expand access through to the end of the year.

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