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A mad genius just created Minecraft — in Trials Fusion

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We've seen other games created in Minecraft, now someone's gone and created Minecraft in Trials Fusion, of all games.

Here's "TrialsCraft," an adaptation by PneumaticBog484 running on Xbox One. It's not a large-scale map — 17 blocks on a 10 x 10 x 10 creation grid, but the fundamentals of Minecraft gameplay are there. See for yourself in this video above.

PneumaticBog says the skill challenge has since been shared cross-platform, so users can find it on any platform, PC included.

Want to see something else neat, by the same guy? It's "FPS Target Range II," whose wall-running evokes Titanfall. It features 10 custom weapons — with reload animations — and 30 hidden targets on the course.