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'Game of Thrones' is a lot less depressing with old-school video game sounds

HBO's Game of Thrones isn't exactly uplifting, but a YouTube video from Ozzy Man takes the worst of Westeros and makes it much more fun.

Press play above to watch the transformation from bleak to hilarious. Be warned, though: There are plenty of spoilers here, so if you're not caught up, you'll want to avoid learning whether The Hound is, in fact, willing to die for some chickens.

For more on Game of Thrones in actual video games, check out Polygon's review of Game of Thrones from Cyanide Studios and our coverage of the upcoming episodic Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series from the developer of The Walking Dead. You can also watch a video that gives the same treatment to The Matrix Reloaded.

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