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Let these lullaby versions of classic game themes soothe your troubles

Video games such as Super Mario Bros. 2, Metroid and Mega Man 3 have music many people call ear-catching, upbeat or even classic. Thanks to an album of lullabies from brothers Mark and Dan Polydoris, those tunes can now be a soothing addition to your day as well.

8-Bit Baby is an eight-track album that includes instrumental lullabies of themes from Contra, Super Mario Bros. 2, Metroid and more. According to the album's Facebook page, 8-Bit Baby was created as a baby shower gift from an uncle to his nephew.

"As he looked for a cool 'lullaby' album to get for [his nephew], he realized that there weren't any based on classic video game music," the description reads. "So he did what any sensible person would do: Spend countless hours recording his own versions of classic video game lullabies to create a lullaby album unlike any other."

The album is available for $7.92 on iTunes and on a pay-what-you-want scale on Loudr. You can also check out the album on Spotify.

Mark Polydoris is responsible for the collection of Mega Man 2 lullabies released last year; the tracks were also recorded for his nephew.

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