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Razer's latest product is an app that hunts down video game bargains

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Razer, the maker of mice, keyboards and computers aimed at gaming enthusiasts, is getting into a new game: finding bargains and price drops on PC games. The company's latest product, Razer Cortex, is part game management software, part deal hunter.

Razer Cortex's deals app, the company says, scours retailers Amazon, GamersGate, GameStop,, Green Man Gaming, Origin and Steam to find the best price on PC titles. The app also lets users create wish lists that will then notify them when a title drops in price or is listed as part of a deal. Cortex deals are also predictive; the software will suggest other games based on a user's activity.

The deals application is part of the larger Razer Cortex software suite, which also features the company's Game Booster software that aims to maximize hardware performance, a save game manager and a screenshot gallery.

Razer Cortex is for Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) and currently in early access testing. The software is expected to launch widely on Sept. 10.

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