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Twitch PAX livestream schedule includes first ever community Town Hall

Just a day after Amazon confirmed they're purchasing the company, video game livestreaming service Twitch is preparing for PAX Prime, one of their biggest community events of the year.

Twitch will have a livestream from their booth running continuously through the show, as well as coverage of multiple PAX panels and the North American LCS Playoffs.

Unique this year is a "Twitch Town Hall," scheduled for Friday, August 29th. It represents an opportunity for those in attendance and watching remotely to ask questions about the future of Twitch. The panel will include the director of community and education, Twitch's community manager and public relations director.

Sure to be at the top of the list of questions from the community is what changes will be implemented to the service under Amazon. Polygon reached out to Twitch's public relations director, Chase, for information about how they'll field questions from the community at PAX.

"There's no real hard questions," he wrote. "Amazon is going to help us accelerate all the things we want to do for the community. Our culture and leadership isn't changing."

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