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Woman says Wii dancing game saved her life

Britain's Daily Mail tabloid can usually be relied upon to run stories that are hostile to video games, revealing the "chilling truth" behind hit games and their "morally immature" imprint on young minds. But today, the newspaper is running a story about a woman who credits playing a Nintendo Wii game, with saving her life.

Late last year, Emma White (36) was playing a Wii dancing game with her kids, on her daughter's birthday, when she suffered a loss of bladder control. Never having experienced incontinence before, she checked in with a doctor. After tests, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

"On my daughter's birthday, it's a tradition for our family to have a dance off on the Wii," she said. "I'd never had any accidents before so it was a complete shock." The Mail is running pictures of Emma with a pink Wii controller.

After intensive treatment, Emma will find out if her cancer has entirely gone in the next few weeks.

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