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Breach & Clear: Deadline is PC exclusive and full of zombies

The next iteration of Breach & Clear will be PC exclusive. Called Breach & Clear: Deadine, the top-down tactical shooter will introduce zombies, hero units and other additional features while making the shift from turn-based to real-time action.

Breach & Clear began life as a strategy game on iOS. Since then it's moved to PC through Steam's Greenlight platform. The game is a collaboration between Mighty Rabbit and Kentucky-based Gun Media, which was founded by Wes Keltner. Deadline will be published by Gambitious and Devolver Digital.

Keltner says that the original Breach & Clear app launched in the number two slot on iOS and has since gained half a million players. The behind-the-scenes video features alpha footage, as well as a conversation with the game's composer.

Last year Polygon's Griffin McElroy spent some time with Gun Media and talked about their process for making the first Breach & Clear.

Edit: Keltner was not an employee of Infinity Ward. Another Gun Media employee, Robert Bowling, was.

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