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'Doctor Who' is coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360

The Twelfth Doctor, five of his colleagues, their companions and those treacherous Daleks are part of a Doctor Who-themed pack of avatars coming to Minecraft's Xbox 360 Edition beginning in September.

BBC Worldwide, Microsoft and Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, reached an agreement to deliver multiple Doctor Who-themed skin packs to the game, releasing after the broadcast episodes of the upcoming Series 8.

The first pack costs $2.99 (£1.99, €2.85 and AU$2.95) and will include a character inspired by the Twelfth Doctor, plus five other Doctors, their on-screen companions, and the Daleks.

Subsequent releases will bring other characters from the past 50 years of the television series. Each will feature at least six Doctors.

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