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What's exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Destiny?

Bungie's Destiny is a multiplatform game, but the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are home to a handful of exclusives coming first to Sony platforms. In a new video released by Activision and Bungie, the publisher and developer lay out what PS3 and PS4 players will get access to first.

The PlayStation exclusives highlighted in the above video include the Exodus Blue competitive multiplayer map and a strike — a cooperative game mode in Destiny — set on Mars named Dust Palace. There's also a trio of rare, class-specific gear sets: Vanir for the Titan, Argus for the Hunter and Manifold for the Warlock. Two weapons, the Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle and Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon, are also PlayStation exclusives. More details on those items are available at the official PlayStation website.

The video notes that the PlayStation-exclusive items are timed, and won't be available on other platforms "until at least fall 2015." PlayStation-exclusive content is also planned in Destiny's first two expansions.

Destiny hits PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Sept. 9. Sony will release a white PS4 bundle with Destiny included on launch day.

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