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SWAT threat locks down school, gets Counter-Strike player slammed to the ground

A popular video game streamer was thrown to the ground at gunpoint and several nearby schools were shut down in a "SWATting" prank pulled by griefers today.

In this video, Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson of The Creatures, is streaming a game of Counter-Strike in Littleton, Colo. when armored police burst through the door, slam him to the ground and search the room, assault rifles drawn.

KMGH-TV of Denver reported that Littleton police were called to the address on a false report to 911 of an active shooter with multiple victims. Littleton Public Schools put several schools on lockdown, which was lifted by 12:30 pm MT.

SWATting's recent history includes many incidents related to video gaming, such as griefing opponents or streamers, or even the former head of security for Xbox Live. This weekend, hackers tweeted a threat at an American Airlines flight carrying the president of Sony Online Entertainment, and succeeded in diverting it to an airport short of its destination.

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