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How Salt and Sanctuary reimagines Dark Souls as a 2D action-platformer

To say Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios' upcoming 2D action-platformer, is inspired by the Souls series is a pretty big understatement.

The game, which will launch next year on PS4 and PlayStation Vita, borrows, mutates and 2D-ifies countless mechanics from the ultra-punishing RPG series, from its equipment customization to its risk-reward structure. There's a lot of familiar (but transformed) ideas, but there's plenty of new designs as well, like a grid-based leveling system, a checkpoint customization mechanic and a unique art style, reminiscent of Ska Studios' prior work on the XBLA title Charlie Murder.

There's a ton of concepts to explore in the game's PAX demo build, which we got our hands on earlier today. Check out the video preview above to see Chris Grant and I explain some of Salt and Sanctuary's coolest ideas.

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