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Watch 'Spider-Man 2' actor Alfred Molina discuss his role in Heavenly Sword movie

A new video from the upcoming film adaptation of Heavenly Sword features Spider-Man 2 actor Alfred Molina discussing his role and the challenges associated with voice acting.

Heavenly Sword is a straight-to-video movie starring Molina, Fringe's Anna Torv, who voiced the heroine Nariko in the 2007 game of the same name, and The Punisher's Thomas Jane. Molina plays the part of King Bohan, portrayed by Andy Serkis in the game.

According one of the film's creators, Molina was brought on to replace Serkis, who "was booked up pretty heavily" while the film was in progress. In the video above, Molina talks briefly about his experience in acting for animation and the challenges of acting only with your voice.

"You've got all the skills you would associate with film making, gets really rendered down to one thing, which is the voice," Molina said. "It makes for a very interesting way of working. It's not nearly as exhausting."

The film began as a "production experiment" and follows the game's original plot closely. It will be available Sept. 2.

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