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Nintendo reveals the New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo revealed today its New Nintendo 3DS system, an upcoming version of the 3DS hardware that features a second stick built in, in addition to new shoulder buttons.

The new system was confirmed today during the Japanese Nintendo Direct. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL feature a smaller analog "nub" above the A, B, X and Y buttons. Likewise, existing buttons have been colored to match the old-school SNES controller.

The hardware will also arrive with new shoulder buttons which will be situated next to the existing ZL and ZR buttons. Check out a front-on view below.

New Nintendo 3DS

Additionally, the system will features a better CPU than previous models, according to Nintendo, which allows for faster eShop browsing and downloading. The New Nintendo 3DS' more powerful internals will be used for at least one game, Xenoblade Chronicles, which is being developed exclusively for the updated hardware.

It is also set to come with a built-in NFC on the bottom touchscreen for the upcoming launch of the amiibo NFC figures, while sliding custom covers will also come with the device, allowing owners to customize the hardware. Nintendo also claims that stereoscopic 3D will also be better than it was in previous devices.

Both models are scheduled to launch in Japan on Oct. 11.

We've reached out to Nintendo for details of a North American release; however, the company has already confirmed no New Nintendo 3DS system will launch for North America or Europe this calendar year.

New Nintendo 3DS faceplates

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