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First-person Solitaire will drive your grandparents insane

Now you can play Windows Solitaire in first-person. Sort of.

Solitaire.exe is the latest creation from Camp Cult. The group describes itself thusly on its Patreon page:

Camp cult, at the core is the collaboration of Cale Bradbury and Kelvin Put. Cale has been creating gifs on the daily for the last year, and has a copious collection of free games, and interactive visualizers. Kelvin has educated him self in the school of game design and development as a 3D artist but as of late can be found indulging his curiosities in various other forms of visual and interactive media.

Camp Cult launched the page and the game last night.

In Solitatire.exe, you walk through corridors of playing cards, which are knocked down when bumped into. In the sky floats the classic Windows desktop. Click here to give it a try. Finally, a new game for grandpa to play.

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