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Learn to be a Dungeon Master from one of the best this Saturday

The hard working adventurers of Acquisitions Incorporated will be performing another Dungeons & Dragons play session live from PAX on Saturday. The long-running series of podcast and video adventures by Penny Arcade founders Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik will feature newer party members: webcomic Scott Kurtz and video presenter/producer Morgan Webb. The team will be led into the dark and merciless fantasy world by skilled dungeon master Chris Perkins.

Say what you will about the bombastic play style of the Penny Arcade folks, the real education here comes from Perkins. He's a veteran of Wizards of The Coast and contributed to the Fourth Edition universe. If you're interested in learning some of the finer points of running a new Fifth Edition game, tune in. The new edition features a streamlined ruleset that you can download for free right now, and is very welcoming to new DMs.

All of the previous Acquisitions Incorporated episodes are available for download at the Dungeons & Dragons website, so grab a few to get you through the long drives this holiday weekend.

Below is the video of the play sessions from PAX East.

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