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Ambitious, beautiful multiplayer space combat game GoD Factory: Wingmen launches today

GoD Factory: Wingman is a four vs. four mutiplayer shooter where you customize your ship and work with your team to take down the other team. It's had a storied path through development, with an unsuccessfull Kickstarter leading to a publishing deal with Bandai Namco, and the game has finally been released on Steam for $19.99.

It also looks pretty great, and supports the Oculus Rift, if you're into that sort of thing.

Nine Dots founder Guillaume Boucher-Vidal shared the cost, both financially and mentally, of starting your own independent studio in a recent story, and GoD Factory: Wingman is the end result of all that hard work.

"Having your life in a purgatory state for three years is a very long time, especially considering all the hours put into such a project. I've been told that any entrepreneur should expect to spend anywhere between two and five years before knowing if your business will really take off and I do believe it's true," he wrote.

"Investing an unknown amount of years into something is not for the faint of heart and that stress needs to have a value attached to it. Whenever someone accuses independent developers of being greedy, they should stop to take into account what that developer is going through, about why they would even think about making all these sacrifices in order to try and turn them into something that ultimately pays off."

We'll have some hands-on impressions with the final version of the game soon.

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