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Themes are coming to Nintendo 3DS to make your old 3DS prettier

The New Nintendo 3DS is coming with customizable faceplates that will let players deck out their handheld with Peach, Mario, Isabelle and more, but you don't have to upgrade your hardware to get a little personalization on the 3DS. Nintendo is adding themes to 3DS systems new and old this October.

3DS themes will let owners of the handheld decorate the system's home screen with Nintendo-themed designs from Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda. 3DS owners will be able to apply wallpapers — like the A Link Between Worlds wallpaper shown above — to both top and bottom screens. There will be themed folders as well: question blocks in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros.-style, treasure chests from Zelda and even Mario's overalls.

Nintendo says music and sound effects will also be part of upcoming 3DS themes.

Themes will be added as part of a system update in October. They'll be available for purchase from a Theme Shop that's coming to the system's Home menu. Pricing was not announced.

Here are some examples revealed by Nintendo.

Nintendo 3DS theme

Nintendo 3DS theme

Nintendo 3DS theme

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