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The moon-rocket playroom this dad built for his kids puts any treehouse to shame

Do-it-yourself fathers everywhere are probably scowling at Jeff Highsmith, whose Project Apollo-themed playroom built for his kids just blew the curve. No treehouse could ever compare to this.

Highsmith's amazingly detailed playsets comprise a command module and Mission Control in separate rooms, connected by intercom — with a freaking push-to-talk button that plays the signature beeps that mark radio communications from the moon missions. And that's only the beginning.

A status panel doesn't just light up random windows marked "thrust" or "main chute" in red or green, it actually goes through the catastrophe that befell Apollo 13 when an electrical failure caused an explosion in its No. 2 oxygen tank. (3:25 of the above video. Preceding it is the simulation of an electrical problem on the Apollo 11 mission.)

There's even a high powered bass speaker shaking underneath the bed when the rocket engines are on. At some point you gotta wonder if this guy is really building this stuff for the kids or as a challenge to outdo himself.

"I designed the spacecraft and Mission Control desk to provide open-ended play," Highsmith said. "This is not a game itself that can be won or lost, just a fancy prop for my boys to use with their own blossoming imaginations. Rather than limit them to what I can think up in terms of play, I want to give them room to think up things themselves."

There's tons more detail — for real — at the link. Or just watch the video. Then call your dad and tell him you want that.

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