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Hironobu Sakaguchi wanted Chrono Trigger to evolve in a series 'like a Final Fantasy'

Final Fantasy creator and Chrono Trigger designer Hironobu Sakaguchi wanted Chrono Trigger to "evolve into something like a Final Fantasy" in terms of serialization, the Mistwalker founder said today during a PAX Prime panel.

Sakaguchi worked as a designer on the original Chrono Trigger. Speaking via translator at the "Hironobu Sakaguchi Reflection: Past, Present, Future of RPGs" panel, he explained that game could have had more than follow-up Chrono Cross, which Sakaguchi did not work on.

"We wanted to continue it as a series," Sakaguchi said. "... But — and I think the statute of limitations has passed and expired so I think I'm okay saying this — but we just didn't see eye-to-eye with management, and so I went and fought for it, and I officially lost the battle."

As for follow-ups to his other past projects, such as Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey or The Last Story, there are no official plans for continuations. However, Sakaguchi said, it would be nice to return to those old games and continue that work.

"Just between some of us that worked on it, we would hope or we talk about it once in awhile that we'd like to," he said.

"All those IPs, there isn't a continuation or a series," he said. "Nothing's confirmed. But again, it would be nice to be able to work on a continuation of my old creations."

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