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VR game lets you put your head in an anime characters's lap, get kicked in the face

Japanese software development company Up Frontier is working on a new experience for the Oculus Rift in which users place their head onto a virtual lap via a physical pillow.

In a very strange demo, which you can watch above, users recline onto a leg-shaped pillow while gazing up at Unity-Chan, an open-source anime character. It appears that the way users interact with Unity-Chan matters — in one instance, the character hops up and round-house kicks the player after a heated exchange.

Up Frontier isn't the first company to think outside the box in terms of Oculus Rift development, but it does fall on the stranger side of the spectrum. Other developers have used the virtual reality headset to let players become a citizen of South Parkfly drones or experience the outside world one last time.

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