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Everything wrong with DC's superhero films in one image

Game journalist Maddy Myers tweeted one of the saddest images for a woman fan of comic books. It speaks for itself.

DC Superman

Superman and Batman are shown in multiple iterations throughout their many years of filmed entertainment. The '50s Superman is a different guy from the '70s/'80s Christopher Reeves/Richard Donner version, who is in turn very different from Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill's interpretation in last year's Man of Steel. Each version highlights the different cultural values associated with his time. The same goes for Batman.

DC Batmen

But there’s only one interpretation of Wonder Woman.

DC Wonder Woman

As Myers pointed out, there will be two now, since promotional materials for Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed Gal Gadot's interpretation. But she’s still playing second fiddle to the men — her name isn’t even in the title.

Traditional wisdom about the lack of drawing power in women-led films has never sounded more silly. Frozen made over a billion dollars worldwide. The Hunger Games franchise has made $832 million across two films in the US alone. Divergent has taken in $274 million worldwide, which is a huge return on its $85 million budget. This doesn't include the DVD and Blu-ray sales of these films.

It's worth pointing out that Marvel isn't much better in this regard, but still. Sigh.

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