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Hearthstone's best and worst new cards explained by an expert

Hearthstone's Curse of Naxrammas is the game's first major content update since it launched and, most importantly, the first addition of new cards. With 30 new cards being unlocked across five weeks, there are a lot of potential new deck strategies floating around.

While I've been playing around with a lot of new possibilities for my own decks, yesterday I stumbled across a video that helped me come up with some great new ideas.

The video above is from Jeffrey "Trump" Shih, one of Hearthstone's best and best-spoken players and a popular Twitch streamer. In this recent video from his YouTube channel, Trump goes over each of Curse of Naxxramas' 30 cards, explaining whether he thinks they're good, what kind of decks they might work in, and whether or not they'll be smart choices in the game's arena mode.

Check it out for yourself and let me know in the comments which Naxxramas cards have been sticking out to you. You can also watch Griffin McElroy and I struggling through last week's Naxxramas addition in the video below.

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