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Wing Commander 3 goes free on Origin

Origin, Electronic Arts' digital distribution service, is going back to an Origin Systems classic for this month's free game: Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.

The space combat title, which usually costs $4.99 on Origin, is available free on Windows PC from now until Sept. 2. Wing Commander 3 debuted in 1994 on MS-DOS and Mac, and was designed by Chris Roberts at Origin Systems. Hollywood actors who starred in the game included Malcolm McDowell and Mark Hamill.

Roberts is now working on a new space simulation game called Star Citizen at his own studio, Roberts Space Industries, with $49.1 million and counting in crowdsourced funding.

EA kicked off Origin's "On the House" program in late March with a free copy of Dead Space. Other titles the publisher has offered free include Plants vs. Zombies and Battlefield 3.

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