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Adventure and a silent death await in Elite: Dangerous

Polygon's Charlie Hall invited Ben Kuchera to join him for a few sorties in Frontier Development's Elite: Dangerous. It's a hardcore space sim that will allow players to plot their own course through a realistic Milky Way galaxy. This split-screen video shows how a flight stick, throttle and Track IR helps maneuver in 3D space.

Now in formal beta, Elite: Dangerous is the crowdfunded successor to the classic Elite, published for the first time in 1984. David Braben, one of the original designers, is leading the effort and has met some criticism from the broader gaming public for charging $150 for access to the alpha, a maneuver Braben says was intended to create a smaller, more manageable and more dedicated player base to build the game with.

Beta access is available now for $75. Braben has recently said that the game could eventually be ported to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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