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'Dargon Quest' typo spwans Twitter meme


The news here should have been that Dragon Quest 4 has been ported to iOS and will be available in the iTunes App Store tomorrow. However, a goofy typographical error in the game's headline bill it as Dargon Quest in the New Zealand App Store today (where major publishers typically launch their games first).

All this makes for an outstanding Twitter meme and, sure enough, along came #DargonQuestMyGame, apparently started by Ars Technica's Kyle Orland. Some of its greatest hits:

And some others not hashtagged:

Many also pointed out the infamous "Resident Evil Revelaitions" typo that actually made it onto the packaging of the Nintendo 3DS game. While it's a lot easier to correct a misteak on a web page, "Dargon Quest" is still the title on the New Zealand iTunes App Store (in the URL, even) as of publication time.

The game is $18.99. And that's not a typo.

What game titles do you think would be great for the Dargon Quest treatment? Share 'em in the discussions below.

Update: Square Enix has fixed the typo. Thanks to Wario64, who Tweeted news of the amendment.

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