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World of Warcraft is giving players corgis to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Players who log in to World of Warcraft during the game's 10th anniversary celebration later this year with score themselves a very special in-game pet — a fire Corgi.

According to a post on, the Molten Corgi pet is only a part of what Blizzard will be offering as part of its commemoration activities for the World of Warcraft 10th anniversary, which is coming up this November. In addition to this limited-edition corgi pal, max-level players can score a special Achievement and a Core Hound mount reward for taking down the Firelord in the 40-person Molten Core raid.

All players will also get to participate in a rematch of the classic World of Warcraft Tarren Mill versus Southshore struggle, a PvP scenario from the game's early days. Blizzard will open a team deathmatch-style Battleground based on this fight, and players can join in groups to face off for a definitive victory.

World of Warcraft first launched on Nov. 23, 2004. Blizzard has promised to share when these goods will become available, and more events and items in conjunction with the game's anniversary are to come.

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