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Hurling children to solve puzzles in Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken's premise is simple: You need to toss children at adults while turning ghosts into potions and breeding boars into domesticity and ... okay, let's start over.

In the same vein as Spry Fox's iconic matching puzzle game Triple Town, Road Not Taken allows you to combine objects in the environment into other objects — sometimes helpful, sometimes deadly. Though the end goal is the same each time you play (rescue children without dying in the woods), the way you achieve it is different, based entirely on how creative you can get with those combinations. Turn three fire spirits into an axe, which you launch into trees to create wood, which you combine to make a campfire, upon which you roast a pig? Now you're literally cooking.

Confused? That's completely understandable — check out the Overview video above to get a bit more insight into how this strange puzzle-roguelike-survival game works.