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Crytek still owns TimeSplitters, since it wasn't part of Deep Silver's Homefront deal

Crytek retains the rights to the TimeSplitters intellectual property following the publisher's sale of the Homefront franchise to Deep Silver, a representative for Deep Silver confirmed to Polygon this week.

"The TimeSplitters IP did not come with the deal — it was only for the Homefront IP," the Deep Silver spokesperson said.

Last week, Deep Silver announced it had acquired the Homefront brand from Crytek. Deep Silver also said it had founded a new studio in Nottingham, U.K., called Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, to handle all development of Homefront going forward. That includes Homefront: The Revolution, which was previously being made at Nottingham-based Crytek U.K. Crytek later said it was working out a deal with Deep Silver whereby the Homefront team from Crytek U.K. would move over to Dambuster Studios and continue working on The Revolution.

THQ originally owned the Homefront IP, but Crytek picked it up for just over $544,000 in January 2013, during THQ's bankruptcy process. TimeSplitters was created by Free Radical Design, and the rights to the franchise went to Crytek when the publisher acquired Free Radical in February 2009; Crytek renamed the studio Crytek U.K. at that point. The most recent game in the TimeSplitters franchise was TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, which was released in 2005 on GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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