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Clear your schedule: A fish is playing Pokémon

The world was once enraptured by Twitch Plays Pokémon, a grand experiment in which thousands of humans fused into a horrific biomass of fingers and brains, a hulking monstrosity capable only of attaining badges, catching 'em all and horrifying onlookers as it rolled through unsuspecting towns.

If you're looking for a far less frantic version of that experiment, welcome to Fish Plays Pokémon, in which Grayson Hopper, a fish, plays ... Pokémon for your Twitch viewing pleasure. Portions of Grayson's tank have been assigned to different button inputs and as the little guy swims he ... well, for the last hour that we've been watching he's been alternately staring at a table and trying to activate the table. But, his owners say that in the 135 hours or so he's been at it (at their last check) he had somehow managed to catch a pokémon.

As of this writing, Grayson's adventures are being watched by over 13,000 people. We assume they're all waiting for the moment he meets his first Magikarp and has a full, Being John Malkovich-style freakout.

The Pokémon-athon:

719 Pokemon, 61 games, 1 website

Click here for undiluted nostalgia

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