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Surgeon Simulator comes to PS4 next week with a PlayStation-exclusive mode

Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition, a re-release of Bossa Studios' surgical simulator, will be available for PlayStation 4 on Aug. 12, community manager Poppy Byron announced via the Playstation Blog.

In Surgeon Simulator, players operate on patients from a first-person perspective. The Anniversary Edition includes "all the best parts" from the game's Steam and iPad release, such as eye and teeth transplants, trolley mode, the game's original operating theater and its alien experimentations.

According to Byron, the PlayStation 4 edition will also include "something very cool" that is exclusive to the platform, though the developer is not yet ready to announce it.

"Our awesome (and twisted) dev team wanted to make sure that this newest version of the game was even more nightmare-inducingly fun and are just making the final touches to the new mode making sure everything is tickety-boo," Byron wrote.

For more on Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition, check out the trailer above.

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