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EA is giving you 168 hours to play Battlefield 4 for free

If you want to see how well Battlefield 4 is performing these days but don't want to drop a dime on the PC version, Electronic Arts is currently offering the first-person shooter for free through Origin for one week.

One week is, of course, 168 hours, the total amount of time you can play Battlefield 4 on Origin for free. The free trial is part of Origin's Game Time program, which previously offered players free Titanfall time.

EA promises the full Battlefield 4 experience — single-player campaign and 64-player online multiplayer.

Battlefield 4 will be available to download and try for free until Aug. 14 at 10 am PT. Once you start playing, the 168-hour countdown begins in real time, so make the most of it.

EA's Origin service is also currently offering a free copy of classic PC game Wing Commander 3, which you can download without worrying about a time limit.

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