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Atari's MOBA shooter Minimum just got bigger and cheaper

Minimum, the minimalistic shooter with crafting and multiplayer online battle arena influences, is now $9.99 through Steam Early Access, publisher Atari announced today.

The 50 percent price drop for developer Human Head Studios' third-person shooter arrives alongside several new features, including two new maps, proximity mines and sticky grenades as well as AI bots that can craft armor, farm creeps and engage in battle.

Minimum was originally in development at FEAR and Aliens: Colonial Marines creator TimeGate Studios, which announced the blocky, stylistic shooter in April 2013 — about a month before it filed for bankruptcy. In April 2014, Atari announced the shooter's resurrection. Since its Early Access release, updates have brought new armor and weapons. Developers also asked for feedback on map design.

For more on the Windows PC game, be sure to read our interview with the developers at Human Head.

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