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Would you watch a Resident Evil cop show? (update)

A production company is reportedly developing a TV series based on zombie megafranchise Resident Evil, according to Bloody Disgusting.

The pitch is pretty interesting. Called "Arklay," and created by Shawn Christopher Lebert, it’s dark and mysterious and has all the trappings of a juicy, supernatural police series, according to Lebert.

"When Detective James Reinhardt is thrust into a series of bizarre homicides, he unravels the city is hiding a dark conspiracy. Learning a fatal virus is connected to it all, Reinhardt discovers it’s already coursing through him. With time no longer on his side, he must solve the conspiracy to save his own life."

As long as the series doesn’t devolve into "huh, it was the zombies after all!" there’s a lot of potential in this approach. An infected detective, the creepiness of Arklay (the mountains, mansion and laboratory, oh my), and the overall conspiratorial vibe of Resident Evil could fit very nicely together.

Lebert put together a pitch reel to show the tone he’s going for with the series (using footage from existing properties, not from the pitched series).

Update:We reached out to Lebert, who told us: "I am indeed in the midst of writing project Arklay. We're in early stages of said development. I'm currently in negotiations with Mance Media. I cannot reveal anymore story at this time."

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