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What's this new game about? You'll be a-maized!

Let's me and you play a little game, just to while away the dark hours of our bleak lives.

Let's all try to think of a better headline than the one I used for this story. Obviously. in making use of this hed, I am creating a little joke, a pun, based both on farms and the propensity of those of us in the "socially connected" media to make total arse-hats of ourselves.

But also, I want to celebrate the fact that Farming Simulator is a thing that lots of people enjoy (2 million copies sold). Also, that Farming Simulator 15 (set in Nordic lands) is coming out in October for PC and Mac and next year for mainstream consoles. And because (I'm told) it's actually pretty good.

I was thinking about 'New Farming Sim is mooooo-ving closer to release', because the game has cows in it and they say mooo.

But also 'Barn-storming trailer will leave farm fans cock-a-doodle' which has a nice 1970s English tabloid ring to it. Or 'Farm Sim trailer doesn't miss a bleat', if you prefer sheep. And some people do.

I didn't get anywhere with "oink."

Animals are so much more interesting than your arables, but I did briefly play with 'Holy crop! It's Farm Simulator 15'. But that doesn't really work.

Anyway, now I turn it over to you. If you can come up with a headline that we can agree is funnier and stupider than mine, I'll switch mine out. Form an orderly line please.