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Is this the most powerful combo in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone's community has discovered some pretty incredible combos using Blizzard's card game over the last year ... but this might just be the coolest combo I've ever seen.

The video above comes from YouTube user HysteriA, who is trying out some of the new cards introduced in Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas expansion. He begins by playing the brand-new legendary card Baron Rivendare, which causes any Deathrattle abilities to trigger twice for as long as its alive.

On the next turn, HysteriA opens with Leeroy Jenkins, a favorite choice of decks built to cut down their opponent's health quickly thanks to its high attack damage and charge ability. He buffs Jenkins with two copies of the Ancestral Spirit card, which cause a minion to be reborn at full health when it dies. Then he kills it using the Reincarnate card, which also causes it to come back to life at full health.

Between the two copies of Ancestral Spirit and the double Deathrattle ability from Baron Rivendare, HysteriA floods the board with five Leeroy Jenkins — six if you include the original that was sacrificed! This lets them take down the poor opponent's health from a full 30 to nothing in one turn.

You might be tempted to look at a combo like this and call it overpowered, but it's actually very difficult to pull off. It requires all the perfect cards in your hand, and you need to be at 10 mana — well past the end-game of most matches. HysteriA just managed to have the stars line up correctly and pulled off this combo beautifully.

You can watch my own much less impressive Hearthstone play with Griffin McElroy in the video below.

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