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Speedrunner beats Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 faster than you can microwave popcorn

If you're going for a jaw-dropping speedrun time in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, it'll take more than skill at pulling off tricks in the game. You'll need to be absolutely flawless navigating its menus between challenges.

This video, by GeorgeThePlushie, finishes the game in a total time of 3:26.41, with an actual gameplay time of 2:50. This is an any-percentage completion, and it uses some glitches to clip through walls, but still — 3:26, start-to-finish, is a hellacious time. His goal was to finish it it 3:40, and he blew that mark out of the water.

GeorgeThePlushie's Twitch says this 3:57 run — recorded four days ago — was a world record. If so, 3:26 (done yesterday) has to be the top mark. In any event, it is indeed impressive.

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