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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a mature, 'true remaster' of the original game

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will explore a more mature direction for the franchise and is Square Enix's effort to create "something for adults," producer Hajime Tabata told Polygon at PAX Prime 2014.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a remake for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of the PSP game released in Japan in 2011; the game follows a student squad as they take part in an intercontinental war. Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, which are typically turn-based, Type-0's battles take place in real-time. They're more brutal, too, and make an effort to show the physical consequences of conflict.

"We've really tried to focus on the true nature of battle — what a realistic type of magic vs. weaponry type of battle might unfold like," Tabata said.

"If you're hit by fire, you burn. If you're cut, you bleed. It's approaching those realistic type of expressions within the Final Fantasy world atmosphere ... It's more of a realistic blow vs. just scraping away HP."

The game's themes delve into more complicated waters as well. Type-0 explores the life and death of humans, Tabata said, as well as our mortality and the weight it carries. Each character is treated as an individual, and the game has no true hero. Instead, all 14 of the game's characters are given an equal spotlight.

"If you're hit by fire, you burn. If you're cut, you bleed."

According to Tabata, Square Enix referenced Hollywood movies for an idea on how to distribute that focus.

"We see a lot of movies that put a focus on numerous characters vs. one protagonist," he said. "You often see that in war movies, action movies or sci-fi type movies.

"[I] really wanted to focus on the unit as an entity ... really put a spotlight on the unit as a whole and view their actions from slightly afar."

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is slated to launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One "within a year." The game will include updated visuals and ability to choose from four difficulty modes, but otherwise remains unchanged.

"At the basis, it's really just going to be a true, remastering of the original version," Tabata said. "We have a basis for it that was demanded overseas, and we wanted to bring that to our overseas audience."

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