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Let's do nothing in video games is not flattering to Luigi

Youtube user Master0fHyrule has created a super cut of idle animations in beloved games, showing off what Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Link do when you're not paying attention to them.

Luigi picks his nose (though I bet he would claim it was a scratch). Link sneezes. Kazooie hits Banjo in the head (wouldn't you?), Conker enthusiastically juggles, reads a lad mag and plays his GameBoy. Actually, Rare and Nintendo games have the lion's share of attention here, with mostly 90s and early 2000s games. Even Dixie and Diddy Kong show up, chewing gum and tapping their toes, in the best Donkey Kong Country animations outside of their victory dances.

Possibly the best of the bunch, however, is Sonic's sassy stare. If you wait long enough, the blue hedgehog will actually quit on you. That's how much attitude he had, back in the day.

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